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Herman Oak Leather

WELCOME to Trail Creek Leather
Exploring that mystical bond between man and belt


Belts at Trail Creek Leather are considered as handcrafted wearable artwork, i.e., artwork with a purpose (a craft). Belts are worn for personal expression of self, status, or position. Comfort and stability of the core is another reason (many discover this experience at the final stage of fitting). In an artisan sense they are similar to sculptured relief carvings that can be flexed.

The material media is, of course, leather with accompanying conditioners, dyes, stains, paints, and finishes. The leather is vegetable tanned to be sturdy yet conforming to the wearer. Dye colors range from black to a light tan. Some belts are painted with flexible acrylics. They vary from heavy black work belts to highly figured sport and dress belts.

Each belt is unique. Each leather strap responds differently to my design effort in converting it into a belt. (Also, design work depends on how I wake up in the morning, after coffee.) My tools are standard for leather stamping, embossing, and tooling. Buckles and attachment hardware are subordinate, yet necessary, in creating a belt.

Finally, my belts have to be cut to length and sized to the wearer when they are purchased. This is because I do not mass produce presized belts.

Custom work ???? Particular style, design, color, or lettering can be negotiated. It is best done face-to-face at one of my shows. And YES, “real women” wear my belts!

Because of the requirements of producing and fitting, we do not offer belts via the internet. The unique characteristics of each belt require attention and this attention can't properly be done at a distance.

Our venue of sales is at many good art/craft shows in Indiana and Michigan.

Please see our schedule of shows and we welcome your visit.