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Herman Oak Leather

Hello and Welcome

Ray's belts are recognized as an "artisan" craft. Each made with skill incorporating art with a purpose, created not for art's sake, but with a clear function in mind. These belts are available only at craft and artisan shows. At a show there should be a few dozen belts for limited selection. There are plain belts and belts with embossed, stamped, or tooled designs.

These functional belts are of shades of browns, some are black, and some incorporated with color. The main widths are 1-1/2", 1-1/4", and 1". Some belts are normal 10oz thickness and many are up to 16oz thick. Most belts have brass roller buckles.

Please note that Ray only sizes a belt with the actual wearer at point of purchase - AT A SHOW. This policy is firm because after 10 years of making more than a thousand belts this is the only way he can be certain of a proper fit and function.